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Our wedding Picture
Thomas A. Harrison 
 Height:  6'-0" 
Weight:  240 lbs 
Hair Color:  Brown/Gray 
Eye Color:  Dark green 
Email Address: 
Occupation:  Graphic Artist
JoAnne Harrison
Height:  5'-6"
 Weight:  We are not amused
Hair Color:  Dark Auburn
Eye Color:   Brown 
Email Address:
Occupation:   LVN

My money Pit

Her money Pit

Our House

Husband's Education:  AA degree in Drafting and Design Technology. T.C.J.C.  Ft Worth, Tx)
Husband Born:  November 25, 1953 (Sagittarius: If you are into that)
Husband's City of Birth:  Arlington, Texas
City of Residence:  Round Rock, Texas since 1997.
Husband's Favorite Activities:  Bowling, Volleyball, Movies, Amusement Parks and Flea Markets. 
Husband's Favorite Toys:  1976 Jaguar XJ6L and AMD-K6-350 computer  (Built it myself).
Husband's Favorite Movie/Books:Movie: Ghost, Books: Sci-fi and Fantasy.

Wife Born:  May 3, 1959 (Taurus: If you are into that)
Wife's City of Birth:  San Benito, Texas
Wife's City of Residence:  Round Rock, Texas since 1997.
Wifes's Favorite Toy:  1995 Red Ford Mustang  and Dell LM Pentium 166 notebook computer.

Humprey (The Hummer)    Snooker (Doodle Bug)      Dana (The Hedgehog)      Sadie (The Cute Rat)